Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ayhus Arts Location

Ayhus Arts is a small working studio at 1182 Tennyson Road on Savary Island a small Island in the Salish sea between the Georgia Straight and The Malaspina straight between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

The name Ayhus is the traditional native name for Savary Island used by the Sliammon Nation. It was chosen to honor these people who have a rich history here and have many artists in the west coast traditions. The name Ayhus means a double headed serpent and this image carries with it a great heritage which is used in the logo, chop and signage of the studio.

The studio is for creating of "Art" (a well made object). The definition of "Art" is from a friend and Master artist Bill Reid. This more open definition of art better represents the art made here. Pottery, Oil Painting, Watercolours, Jewelry and Printmaking to mention a few. The small facility also hosts workshops and events. some will be added to this site.


  1. Hi Martin - I had a great time when we visited you the other week! You can read my further thoughts on my blog:

    Thank you!


  2. Hello, sorry I don't know how to use FaceBook and can't find an email address for Joie Jewelery but did find a mention that you are selling some. I would really, really, like to ask for a custom necklace so could you please give me the artist's email address, or give her mine? thank you very mucy